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What is the difference between a transmission flush vs. a transmission service?


A transmission flush consists of running a large amount of brand new transmission fluid into the transmission via a machine. This can be done with the vehicle running or not depending on the machine. It will remove and replace almost all of the fluid. A transmission service consists of removing the transmission pan and replacing the filter and gasket, this service only removes the fluid from the pan and sometimes the transmission converter. Transmission fluid is very high in detergents so if a flush is done on a transmission that has problems it will most likely finish the transmission off. Here at Advanced Automotive Services we will only do a transmission service on the first initial visit, this allows us to look inside the transmission pan to determine if any potential damage has occurred plus we are able to change the filter out at this time. The next service on the transmission we would do a flush if all is ok with the transmission. This helps protect your investment of your vehicles transmission plus gives us some insight on your transmissions condition.



When should I rotate my tires?


Here at Advanced Automotive Services we rotate our clients tires every other oil change, about 6000 to 8000 miles. There are several reasons for this, it lets us get our hands on your tires to inspect them and it allows us to check the air pressure regularly. Also it makes it a lot easier to remember when to rotate your tires next. If your tires are maintained by rotating them regularly and checking air pressure regularly they will last a lot longer plus your fuel mileage will increase saving you money all the way around. Tip to remember, ambient air temp changes will affect your tire pressures, so remember stop by to have us check your pressures anytime, its free and will save you money in the long run.

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"As the proud owner of a 1965 Mustang convertible, that I had purchased from the original owner about thirty years ago.  I had purchased for a trustworthy and skilled mechanic to assist me in bringing back to life my Mustang that had been stored off and on for most of those years.  I located Robert that was not only skilled and trustworthy, but also fair and dependable.  For the above reasons I highly recommend Robert Preece, owner of Advanced Automotive Services; Mobile to serve your auto needs."

- Robert Hess, Elk Grove, CA


"Advanced Automotive Services provides quality car care, combined with years of experience, honesty and integrity built in.  It's a win-win every time you choose AAS!"

- Ron and Kathleen Flint, Sacramento, CA





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